Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Paul's surgery...

The surgery went well. Paul's currently in ICU. I got home a while ago, but napped for a while and am now doing a little housework while I can, so the house is nice when Paul gets home.

The surgeon said that all was fine and went better than expected. Now, Paul just is going to have to heal from the pain of the surgery (and heal the wounds...they didn't leave his abdomen open like last time (he has staples), but there are still a pair of drains cut into his torso for the short term (one in his abdomen, one in his chest where the stoma was). I don't konw if that means that I am going to have to resume the trips to the hospital for bandage changes like I did or whether they are going to be small enough that I can handle them myself at home (the small drain he had last time was simple enough to do on my own, but I was overwhelmed between learning how to change his bag AND taking care of the HUGE open wound he had in his abdomen in the beginning).

As far as the rest of the day, I read TWENTY comics while I was in the waiting room (plus a magazine and some of a novel)...putting a nice little dent into my "to be read" pile...and my Aunt treated for lunch at Bennigan's (we had the Guinness glazed! very much a fork and knife kind of burger, piled with toppings and dripping with sauce...I couldn't imagine anyone trying to pick it up with their hands and NOT making a mess all over themselves. It didn't even need ketchup!).
In a little bit, I think I'm finally gonna take a long-earned soak in the tub and then go downstairs and pop in one of my Netflix discs...

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