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American Idol...?

I got stuck having to listen to Ruben Studdard's rather pedestrian version of "Superstar" today at work...this song is SO bland. I don't know whether he deserved to win or whether he merely was the best of the bland people that participated in this competition (I didn't watch the show).

I've heard so many better versions of this song...none of the three I'm about to mention sound as if they are merely singing the lyrics. They all sound as if they are truly heart-broken, which I think is required for this particular song. You must, as an artist, be able to reach into the depths of your heart and dredge up the pain...

Of course, the version that most people would know is the Carpenters' rendition. Karen always had a certain sadness and urgency in her voice. You can now, as a Monday morning quarterback, hear the pain she was probably going through in real life.

The version on the "If I Were a Carpenter" by Sonic Youth is creepy and scary and everything this song really can be. This song, after all, could very well be about a jilted fan/groupie/star fuck after their one night of bliss with their idol.

My personal favorite version of this song is on the "Divine Miss M" album by Bette Midler. It's so filled with pain. Truly a masterpiece.

Ruben: go back and put on your records and learn from the masters...
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