Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

had a LONG week of mostly being sick

We've still not yet had a third key manager at the store, so I've been still putting in a LOT of hours (like Christmas season never ended). I feel sometimes like I'm never home (the commute every day adding an extra hour and a half away from home hasn't helped my mental outlook either). At least during the commute I have my ipod, which means audiobooks, podcasts and old time radio to keep my occupied or I'd go even more nuts.

Last week, I'd worked a bunch of long hours leading to the weekend where I then got to go out to a party at our friend Shawn's house. The night was okay...though it ended abruptly. We were having a good time when two things happened: 1) I got nipped by Shawn/Dawn's dog, Dobby (who's had a history of biting, but had been sweet with me in the past...and he was a bit agitated that night by the presence of children (and it's hard to keep them separated all night long when they tend to be drawn to each other like moths to a flame), on my cheek and everyone was making a big fuss over the little scratch on my face AND 2) Paul's bag started a leak and we had to get him home (and he was our designated driver for the night). Luckily, a zip-lock bag was enough to take care of the situation until we could get home, but it nonetheless necessitated our leaving "early".

I slept in the next day and we mostly just did laundry (and I'll be honest and say that I'm using the royal we...I mostly just sorted everything out and ran the stuff up and downstairs. Paul did most of the folding/putting away 'cause that's the one household chore I absolutely HATE).

On Monday, I had ANOTHER open to close shift (they are starting to wear heavy the most on my head...they mean that I'm getting up at 6:30am, leaving the house at 8am to arrive at work at 8:45am and not leaving until 10pm and not getting home until 10:30pm (and usually, I've had to close the night before and open the day after, so my sleep is shortened...I only get about six hours a night these days and I've always needed at least 8 hours or more). As soon as I stepped out of the building, I started coughing from the cold, fresh, night air, which was a shock to my system after 13 hours indoors at the mall.

The next day, I was starting to feel a little headachey, but knew I needed stuff as far as groceries were concerned, so I drove up to Cherry Hill to Wegman's to get stuff for dinner that night (since it would be the only meal I'd be able to share with Paul for the whole rest of the week with all the closing shifts I'd be working) and for stuff to pack in my lunches (the sole meal I eat most days) to bring to work (deli meats for sandwiches, etc.). By the time I was leaving the store, I was getting light-headed. By the time, I stepped in the door, I could hardly stand up. Luckily, Kris was there with Paul and they brought the groceries in and put them away so I could go curl up in a ball.

I was up the whole night with coughing and aches and pains in my body. In addition, when I did try to sleep, I was mostly stuck in a moebius loop work dream induced by the fever I was carrying. Finally, in the morning, I had to call Wylie (the manager) and call off for the day.

All day Wednesday, I mostly just slept with intervals of websurfing and reading. I pushed some soup into me and lots of water, juice, vitamins, ibuprofen and robitussin (the Wegman's brand is still awful tasting but not nearly as bad as the name's the only medicine that I'm still a baby about taking...not counting Pepto-Bismol which I refuse to ever ingest again).

I then had another 9 hr shift on Thursday and an open-close shift on Friday and finally yesterday and shortened closing shift (4 to 10).

(This coming week includes a Friday AND Saturday working open to close! YAY! and the third key we hired was supposed to start her training, but her background check hasn't been approved yet by home office, so it may be a whole 'nother week until we get any kind of break from this...double YAY!)

I'm off today and still mostly taking it slow. I watched a Netflix movie ("Confessions of a Superhero" about the poor schmucks who work as "lookalike" characters in front of Graumann's Chinese in Hollywood), ate some Chinese food (Chicken Lo Mein, Fried Won-Tons (the kind with the actual Won-Tons from the soup, not the crab/cheese ones), and a pair of egg rolls) and picked up my comics (VERY small week...I only got ten books this week).

We would have had Kris and Heather over tonight, but Paul woke up with my cold today. So, instead, I'm gonna just read my comics and in a little while, Paul and I are going downstairs to catch up on the last two weeks' episodes of "Torchwood"

So, anyway, I guess you can see why I haven't been posting much these days. It's not that easy to summon up much energy for writing "and then I went to work and came home and didn't get to do much else before I passed out in bed." Hopefully, life will be more exciting in the coming months...
Tags: fye/generic, health/allergies_and_colds

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