Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

"Once" and an update finally...

Finally, I have some time to post more than just a youtube or whatever.

For the last few weeks/months, I've been mostly focused in retail hell at the FYE...

We lost our manager right around Hallowe'en (he jumped ship for a "Container Store" closer to his house, so I can't blame him...just poor timing). We were running with just the two managers for some time (while I was still taking Paul for daily bandage changes at the hospital, mind you, so even on a day off I wasn't getting to sleep in...and a sleep deprived Bryan is not a happy Bryan).

Then, we finally got a guy to be our third key (the sole guy working at the shoe store directly across from our store). He wasn't cut out for the job. He got a write-up almost immediately...his drawer was nearly $10 short. I know that it might have been a human error, since there was a ten mixed in with his twenties...but Lord only knows. Meanwhile, during the next week, he was alone in the store, got swamped at register and we got the worst "secret shop" score I've ever seen: a five (out of a hundred). I think the five points was for wearing his lanyard. We all said that we could understand him being swamped (what with it being Christmas shopping season) and missing certain points for not being able to wait on the secret shopper out on the floor...BUT, he missed all the points you can make at the register TOO! NO upselling, no mention of the club, nothing...he didn't even try to rook them with the magazine subscription scam ("two months 'FREE' and a charge to your credit card for the full year if you aren't paying attention).

So, a couple of days after getting the scorecard, he walked in a half-hour early for his shift, wearing his uniform, pretended he was just going to hit the food court before clocking in and when he was a half hour LATE (an hour later), it was only then that it was noticed that his keys were left behind on the desk...what a pussy.

My two bright lights during this holiday season: hanging with Kris and Heather throughout the weeks and the two holiday parties with the Transducers (X-Mas Eve at Candie and Martin's/New Year's Eve at Shawn's). Got to see our friends, got to laugh and have fun and play with Mia Savidge (we played with Xander's duplo blocks on Christmas Eve)).

Paul had his colonoscopy yesterday at the hospital and the surgeon said it all looked good and we should expect to have him put back together in probably no much more than a month...Yay! Once he's feeling better...after the SECOND healing process, I've got to go to one of those Brazilian barbecue joints that you all seem to have discovered at once...all the descriptions of these places are making me SO hungry!


Tonight after work (and some yesterday before work), I watched "Once" (I resumed my Netflix, which I'd turned off during the holidays since I was working six day work weeks). Awesome quiet little movie, filmed on a small budget, but not needing much of a budget to tell the story it told. FANFUCKINGTASTIC soundtrack!

(Week 1 - Movie 1)

Now, it's time to go downstairs and sit and read along as I listen to the second act of "Henry the VI: Part One" (from the Arkangel Shakespeare company) and then stare at our tree (yes, our Christmas tree is still up. I don't want to take it down 'til next week sometime 'cause I didn't really get the chance to see it much while I was off working at the store...). (my NY's Resolution is to make it through ALL of the Shakespeare plays before the end of the year...the ones I've already read/acted in/seen will just be nice little breaks from the new stuff as they arrive on the queue...).

I also hope to post a bit more this year and keep everyone a bit more up to date on what's happening with both of us. I know I slacked off a lot this year. Mostly because this year has been a blur of stuff that I find hard to talk about: financial problems mostly, but some family ones, too (our respective mothers, etc.). Hopefully, that will start turning around a bit in this new year (there seems to be a light at the end of this particular tunnel).

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