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My first day off from the HCRT in three weeks...

This is my first day without either a rehearsal or a performance of "Othello" in three weeks...

It's been exhausting, but, I think that in the long run it was worth it. I know that with some work I can really learn lines faster than I expected. I know that I can handle some pretty physical stuff on stage. I know that I'm not the most talkative one back-stage (believe it or not...I'm happy to have a book and some of the others (I won't say names) continue to chatter away).

Wednesday's show was great, we had lots of people in the audience, we had lots of energy and it was a great way to start. Thursday's show had the worst energy we'd had the whole run (we were all just SO exhausted)'s a shame that's the only night that Rich Curcio could make it, 'cause I'd wanted him to see a good show (not that it was bad or anything, just not what it could be).

We bounced back on Friday night and put on a show filled with lots of energy...I was quite frightened earlier that day when I witnessed a near-miss (or should I say a near-hit?)...There was an ambulance coming through an intersection that I was at (they were facing me, coming towards me)...there were already cars in both the regular and the left turn lane on their end, so they were going to have to squeeze through around the left of the car in the left lane (mind you, their sirens are BLARING and the lights are going...).

On my left, is a cab waiting to turn left...They apparently were in the their own little world, oblivious to the ambulance, 'cause they started to turn left just as the ambulance was making it's way around the car...they nearly collided head on into the ambulance. It was pretty scary to see. Luckily, the ambulance dodged just in time and made it around the cab...

Friday night, I went out with the cast to Applebee's and sat with Stephanie, Brett and Avra. While there, Stephanie and I went over to another table to hear the story of the breakup of one of our friends with her boyfriend (it was quite dramatic).

On Saturday, I slept in, I went out and got my comics (hey, anybody reading the "Hush" storyline in "Batman"?) and mozied around the house a bit to relax before going out. When I returned home, R.J. and I hopped into the pool for over an hour that night... (apparently, I missed out on some of the drama when some of the cast, with members of the Off Broad Street Players, went to Applebee's again and bumped into the cast from Cumberland Players' Crazy For You...).

On Sunday, I slept in again and read a bit before having to head out. We did the matinee and I headed straight home. Paul and I watched some television (we're almost finished with the third season of "Coupling" on the TiVo) and Jarvis and R.J. came over after they finished work and we ALL hopped into the pool for a while.

Today, we had a fairly busy day at work (it was only Pablo, Cyndi and I for most of that day)...we were all trying to finish various projects (I was in the middle of repricing the games section) while being inundated with quite a lot of people...

Tonight, I mostly sat and read, watched a DVD (The Mr. Bill Collection), went through our DVDs to decide what I might want to bring into work to sell as used (for store credit)...I know that I'm bringing back at least four titles, since they've since double-dipped them and I'd want to get the updated editions: "The Right Stuff", "Thelma and Louise", "The Color Purple" (or as my friend Samantha Jones once dubbed it: "The Colored People"), and "Casablanca"
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