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To the person that stole the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack...

This morning at work, I found an empty jewel case that once held a copy of the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack... the person who stole it, I have one thing to say:

Fuck You!

You don't deserve to be a part of our fandom, you worthless piece of shit!

Yes, I once owned a copy of the movie on a bootleg VHS tape years before it was commercially available. I've since purchased it on VHS (at the time I purchased it, it was still "rental" priced...$75.00) and DVD as well as countless posters, t-shirts, trading cards, buttons, comic books, CD soundtracks (we own the original Roxy cast, the movie cast, the "Songs from the Vault", the audience participation CD, international soundtracks, the punk "cover" album, etc). Of course, I also had copies of of numerous of those soundtracks on cassette as well. Not to mention all the Shock Treatment stuff, too. I wouldn't even begin to count how much money I've spent on movie ticket purchases over the years... All were purchased legally.

You, fucktard thief, made me feel ashamed that we aren't raising our kids right in this community that they could be so thoughtless as to steal from someone. If you were going to do this, couldn't you at least have simply burned a copy either from bittorrent or from a library copy (or borrowed it from a friend)? I bet, if you'd asked nicely, Santa might have put one in your stocking this coming holiday. Now, this just drives up our "shrink" in the store, it in the long run will cause us to raise prices and so many other factors that hurt our store and our customers...especially a future customer who might have walked in just to buy that CD.

I hope your Rocky karma comes up and bites you on the ass and you never get to see the movie in a theatre again and have to content yourself with the edited version on basic cable for the rest of your life.
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