Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Just a quick Paul update today...

Paul's journey through the woods is nearing it's end.

Today, when I visited him, they had him walking slightly. He was sitting up, bathing himself. The nurse, upon doctor's recommendation, removed the drain hose from his nose. He put on his glasses and read his book for a change. He is also finally able to consume water/ice chips instead of relying solely on IV fluids for sustenance.

Meanwhile, sometime after I left for the afternoon, he was moved from ICU into a regular room again.

Tonight, when I visited after work, he was sleeping, but my squeaking sneakers (new) woke him up. We got to actually have a conversation for about a half hour (he was coherent tonight instead of being loopy from pain meds like he has been during most evening visits).

He's getting there. I just want him home soon (I'm so missing him and this house was not meant for one person).
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