Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Okay...Paul update - the operation.

He was supposed to go down and be operated on at about 2:30pm. That's what the nurses were saying all morning. At about 2:30pm, one of the nurses said they'd be coming to get any time from that point...

...then they came and got him at about 4:15pm.

My Aunt Bette came to sit with me during the day (thank you) and I'm sure I would have been a bit more nuts if she hadn't. I just focused on my book and tried to forget why I was sitting on that couch (at least the couches in the waiting area are fairly comfy).

The doctor came out at about 7:50pm to say they'd finished and Paul was in the recovery room.

Apparently, the surgery itself went well with no complications. However, it was worse than they anticipated when they opened him up. The area of his colon that was affected by the infection was greater than they thought it would be...they ended up removing approximately about a foot long length of his colon (which the doctor described as being as hard as a block of wood). That entire section was filled with the infection (though they said that the rest of his organs looked good and that it did not look like the infection had spread anywhere). They are sending the extracted piece of colon down to pathology to have it examined and we should have a report back as early as Friday or as late as Monday (they need to make sure that it's not something worse like the big C).

It wasn't until about 9pm that I was told that he had a room assignment upstairs in the ICU and I took his bag of clothes upstairs to stay there. Then, while Kris, Heather and I sat and waited (watching various shows on Discovery Health), they finally wheeled him up to the room around 10:30pm and I was allowed into the room at roughly 10:45pm. I didn't really stay long, 'cause he was very tired and I didn't want to wear him out. For now, I just held his hand for a few minutes, told him I loved him and that everyone was pulling for him to get better.

The nurse gave me the number to call the ICU tomorrow and the visiting hours (I don't know if it's just family or not, but probably is in ICU). At least the visiting hours are 24 hours (mostly...with the exceptions of 6:30am-8am and 6:30pm-8pm because that's when the shift changes occur).

He is likely going to be in that area of the hospital for a couple of days. I'll keep everyone posted.

Thank you all for your well wishes. They are very much appreciated by the both of us. I love you all.

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