Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Here we go again...Paul back in the hospital.

It's just eight days after I took Paul home from the hospital.

Last night, he started complaining of pain in his leg and told me that this might be a sign that the infection had traveled (apparently the surgeon told him to watch for this as the fluid may have gone elsewhere in his body during extraction and Paul never mentioned the possibility to me before this). There had been no change in that situation this morning. He also had only just finished the last of his antibiotic pills yesterday morning and this morning he was carrying a low-grade fever (99.6) to boot!

At about noon, we checked his fever one last time and he hopped in the shower and got dressed while I gathered up his laptop/ipod/cellphone and all the accompanying chargers that go with them. We left at 12:30pm and I'm only just getting home now (he just made it to his room around 9pm...he was admitted at 5pm, but there was no room assignment made until about 8:30pm).

They've given him more pain meds for the pain in his leg and abdomen (continuing from the puncture wound from the extraction from two weeks ago (as of tomorrow)), and loaded him with more intravenous antibiotics (continuing one that he had been taking orally for the last week and pairing with another that they've yet to try before this).

He's otherwise in good spirits and besides the effects of the pain meds (which make him drowsy and a little loopy) he is mostly alert. At least, this time, he is going to remain on his anti-depressants for the duration of his stay (a big mistake was made for most of the first week of his stay and he was not on them...compounding his stress). He also should remain on solid food (since he's already graduated to it from last time and the abdominal pain this time isn't technically related to the diverticuli but to the needle puncture wound and the infection caused by the diverticuli).

Hopefully, he'll be out a LOT sooner than last time, since he's already so much farther ahead of the game than he was during his last visit.

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