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HCRT stuff continued...

Now that we had a day to work on the sets (painting, building, set dressing (plants and stuff), etc.), I feel a little more confident still. I have come to the conclusion that my assessment of the one performer's acting may have been what I suspected: he/she is/was merely trying to get through their lines...what we've been seeing on stage is not near the final product...

I've had the chance to run my lines for that ONE scene that I feel I haven't rehearsed enough, I had the chance to see some daylight (I even took my script outside for a while and sat on a bench on High Street and studied...that was nice to be able to do). I'm getting the chance to bond a bit with my fellow actors (today it was predominantly Kristy Linn and Kent)...

It was also nice to be able to work on the show without coming home with the feeling that I have golfballs stuck in my was not nearly as strenuous as earlier days these past two weeks have been...

This Saturday night, I'm heading to Cumberland Players for "Crazy For You" (as I've said before, there ARE people involved with this that I want to remain friendly with). I'm be ushering. After the show, I'll be heading to the DeMarco for the final showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"...

Sunday, while a good portion of the cast is at Lollipalooza (sp?), I'm going to be studying my lines in the early afternoon and then heading into the movie theatre to watch "Matrix 2" before it inevitably leaves...
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