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I'm now entering the media blackout zone...

For the record, from this moment forward, until such time as I've completed reading "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," I am entering a media blackout zone.

I will not be opening my e-mail program, turning on IM, listening to voice mails or reading any further on the internet until probably late Sunday/early Monday at the earliest...

(I will be picking up the book tonight at midnight and assuming that the copy I already have obtained via bittorrent is in fact the correct book and not a fake-out (though if it is it's a spectacularly written fake-out), I can start reading from approximately chapter 12 or 13 or thereabouts depending on how much further I can read until I have to finally depart for work at 1pm.

(and if it is a fake-out...then all the better for me: that means I get to read TWO book sevens).
I will at least post my progress before I go to bed tonight and throughout the day on Sunday (only what chapter I'm spoilers about the story within).

Seeya on the other side!

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