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HCRT stuff

Brett responded to my earlier post. You can find his response here. Since he does not have an LJ, I think it's best if I post my reply here so he's sure to see it.

Brett, I concede that the fight that we have is appropriate for the characters and the actors involved. Amanda may not be physically capable of doing more than we are currently doing. I understand this more and more. You have to realize that I envision mySELF to be a scrapper. Back during "A View to a Bridge", in my merely 30 seconds-a minute on stage I gave Peter Vezos a run for his money with my struggling to remove myself from his grip.

I'll admit that I was surprised this morning NOT to find bruises on my ribs from all the run-throughs of my death yesterday.

Anyway, yes, the show is shaping up better and better. I was happy with John's progress between the first time we ran the Gov'nor's scene and the second. He's still calling for "line", but not nearly as frequently as SOME people (I think you know who I'm referring to). I'm more distressed, however, by a certain one of the performers, who shall remain nameless to protect his/her feelings. They/he/she have/has manifested a sudden strange stilted accent. Their pronunciations of words don't match the way they normally speak, but they are also not playing one of the characters required to have an accent. They recite all of their dialogue in the strangest sing-songiness with no emotion (or raised volume masquerading as show of emotion) that grates on my sounds like they are merely just trying to say "all those words" as quickly as they can with no comprehension of what is actually passing through their throat (this may be me. This may simply be that this individual is also still shaky on lines, but at least isn't calling "line"...hopefully, this will end once we've put the show fully together and this individual is more comfortable in their role and the storyline).

The heat wasn't nearly as bad yesterday as it has been. I didn't feel QUITE so drained yesterday (though I left with a massive headache on my skullcap (I usually refer to it as my "yamulke headache", 'cause it's right where a yamulke would sit on my head)). I think right now, though I'm not normally claustrophobic, I'm beginning to feel the walls of that ONE ROOM closing in on me. Could we just lift ONE of those curtains a little bit and let in some NATURAL light for change?
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