Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera


I caught my first shoplifter at work tonight (well, not my FIRST, but my first THERE).

The sensor alarms went off at the entrance. There were a couple of kids walking out. As I looked up, the one of the two kids looked like he was going to just bolt and try to ignore the klaxons going off (these alarms here are much louder than the ones at the Vineland store and for that I'm grateful). I shouted at them to return to the store. The girl turned back and the boy got pulled back by her since I was shouting for them to return.

He handed me a bag saying "I bought this all at another store" was a Borders bag, but it had two DVDs in it (the Borders inside doesn't sell DVDs...only the outside one). The giveaway was that the price tickets (telxons we call them) were from our company. A quick glance showed me our company store number on them (as opposed to the store number for the Suncoast Pictures across the hall which is from the same company).

I asked my associate if she had rung him up for the two DVDs. She said no. I asked the young man if he had a reciept for them. He did not. He said "I must have forgotten that I put them in my bag. Can I just pay for them now?"

"...uh, no...that's not how it works, dude. You're going to stay right here with me." I sent Christine out to go to the information desk to get security (they are almost right outside of our store). The security guard promptly came into the store and took my statement and stayed with the kid until the police could arrive (since I WOULD be pressing charges). The kid it turned out, was only 15. That's good in my book 'cause this may have just scared him enough to teach him a lesson.

After a few minutes, the police officer arrived (we have an annex office right in the mall...very convenient). After they checked him in, I went upstairs and signed a report and wrote out a statement. I should be getting a summons sometime in the late summer/early fall to appear in court to press charges against the kid. He'll likely get community service and a fine, but that should serve to make the point. Meanwhile, he'll be banned from the mall at least until the court date and can be banned from FYE as well...!

(he was stealing "Dragonball Z: Season One" and "Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone")

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