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The television channel, Trio, is doing a new thing. They are giving their channel over to a single guest programmer for a week at a time (I think this is going to be a once a month thing). The first one up is Joel Stein, who is a television critic/columnist for Time and Entertainment Weekly. He's chosen such wonderfully bad fare as "Pink Lady and Jeff" and "My Mother the Car". The only thing that I would complain about his line-up is that it's repeated three times throughout the day and he's showing the same shows (albeit different episodes) throughout the week...

...I'm half tempted to write to Trio and suggest they let a "Joe Schmoe" television addict in on this fun. I know just the stuff I'd show on the channel:

On Saturday morning, I'd have to feature a selection of fun kid's shows: "the Bugaloos", "Land of the Lost", "Lidsville" (it was so WEIRD), and some random other classics: "Photon", "The New Zoo Revue" and a local children's show that I LOVED when I was a kid...The Magic Garden.

I'd have to include some of the great (and not so great) classic sitcoms of the past in the primetime hour (some 'cause they really were fun and others just because they are oddities now): "Jennifer Slept Here", "Just Say Julie", "Bridgette Loves Bernie", "Mr. T and Tina", "Joanie Loves Chachi", "Angie", "My Secret Identity". For dramas: "Fame", "the Bionic Woman", "a Year in the Life", "Medical Center", "the Rookies", "Get Christie Love"...

Of course, we can't forget the variety about: "Captain and Tennille" and the "Susan Anton show"?

I'd also have to have them dredge up episodes of "Saturday Night Dead" with Stella for all the fans in Philadelphia (Stella's show aired after Saturday Night Live...she hosted a series of bad horror movies (like Elvira)).

There'd have to be some sci-fi too (besides Jaime Sommers and the kids stuff...)...howabout: "V", "Otherworld", "Logan's Run" and "Out of This World" (okay, that last one was a sitcom, but it had a sci-fi slant)...
So, what would you want to put on a network again, if only for one week?
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