Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Just got back from Philly Pride...

I'm not the best photographer, but you can see the photos that were worth seeing at:

Philly and Philly Pride photos

I started by parking at my usual parking garage when I'm down in Old's right next to "Welcome Park" which features a statue of William Penn. I also walked down to the site of Benjamin Franklin's house (I'll have to check out the museum in there one of these days)...

...then, since I was early enough, I walked into the Liberty Bell Center and got a nice picture of the bell and of Independence Hall (the hall was otherwise obscured on Market st. by a new archeological dig site). The archeological dig site is unearthing the original presidential house in which both Washington and Adams lived. I took pictures of the signs, but the site really just looks like a lot of dirt and bricks right now. I'll have to return another time after the dig has been completed (they say another museum site will house unearthed artifacts there).

Shortly after I arrived across the street and picked a spot to watch the parade, the protesters arrived. Not only did they carry signs, one of the guys had a bullhorn and shouted his rhetoric at us. Thankfully, the microphone and speaker system at the judge's table on our side of the street was loud enough to drown out the protesters and they dwindled off when they saw that no one was going to listen to them...though the one guy holding the sign about ex-gay ministries seemed to be watching the parade longingly (especially when the floats included scantily clad guys).

After the parade, I walked down to the pride event site and mostly just shopped/browsed around. I bumped into a few friends (including an old friend from college and a bunch of guys I knew from P.A.N.G. (Philadelphia Area Naked Guys)). While walking around, I found a booth/table for "Liberty Bears of Philadelphia" and decided that it was time I finally signed up (listening to brchase and reb2 on Bearpodcast talking about the various get togethers had persuaded me)...I'm hoping to get off from work on Saturday, June 30th to go to the "Beef and Beer" at the Bike Stop as my first Bear event...!

The heat started getting to me (and my feet were killing me from all that standing), so I decided to head home early rather than wait for Brett Butler to, I headed back around 4:30pm (with a stop at Wegman's first to use the coupons we had for this week)...getting home at about 6:30pm (and then uploading the pictures).

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