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I've yet to step into Hollister and I don't plan to. Everytime I've walked by it in the mall, I'm immediately overcome with a wave of nausea from the cloud of cologne/perfume that wafts out of there that's like a much bigger version of those awful magazine ads (or worse those magazines that have multiples of scents inside until they are clashing...I've special requested that my copies of Entertainment Weekly are scent-free 'cause that shit's nasty!).

I can't believe how many people walk in carrying their shopping bags. I'm even more in disbelief now that I've started to notice the clothes on people. They seem to be even more aggressive about putting their name all over the stuff they wear than Old Navy (which I actually like, but I avoid the clothing they sell with the name of the store plastered across it). I never understood why anyone would want to be a billboard for a store like that.

I wear t-shirts with all kinds of slogans and pictures denoting my various fandoms (comic book characters, movie characters, etc). I don't feel they are weird because they are expressing my fandom of these things and may open a dialogue with someone who is a fellow fan. I wear my "Dawn and Drew" shirt in the hopes of meeting other people who are in the "Minion Army". I want a similar experience if I wear shirts depicting characters and phrases from the View-Askewniverse. I don't think that I would bond in a similar way with people who shop at the same clothing store as I do.

What's also kind of wierd for me about it, I think, is that in essence they are buying the "store brand" of the shirt...when I buy "store brand" of something at the supermarket (let's say mayonnaise or dried pasta or yogurt), I know that I'm going to get something that may be slightly different but not necessarily better/worse than the name brand of that same item, but will likely get it much cheaper than paying simply "for the name". I actually prefer Acme brand yogurt (some flavors) more than Dannon. We've really been digging just about everything we've tried at Wegman's, too...

...but I'm not paying more to try the brands from the store. These people are paying more for the "Hollister" name, I'd suppose...aren't they? I'm sure if all they wanted was a shirt on their back, they'd do better to go to Wal-Mart or Target or someplace and get a few for the same price (and not be advertising the big box store across their chest either!).

Is it the herd mentality at work here? Have we just simply convinced our teens that if they are not wearing a t-shirt from a particular store (be it Old Navy, Pac Sun, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch or for the "non-comformist" conformists: Hot Topic) they will be shunned? I guess the closest thing I can think of from my generation would be jeans logos, but you could buy Jordache, Gloria Vanderbilt, Levi's, whatever at many stores (including your local Army/Navy store if you were smart/thrifty) and where you bought them never factored into the equation...Do particular cliques at schools only wear clothes from a particular store? What's the story hear?

Also, where did this store crop up from? Is it happening all over the country? How long has it been around? Is it still relatively new at this mall and therefore just the hot new thing?

One final question that boggles my mind: If the store is going to bother to sew alarm sensor tags into the clothing tags inside the clothes why don't they bother to de-activate them or have an alarm at the store at our mall? What's the point? Hollister bags rank up next to Verizon phones and games from Electronics Boutique as the most likely reason our alarm is going off when someone is stepping into the store (these stores don't have alarms installed at our mall...feel free to shoplift there!).

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