Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Happy Mothers Day, Mother Fuckers!

I've not been posting as much as I used to back in the day, but I'll have to start checking in more often...don't want to let my new hours eat me alive at this job.

So, I can finally take a breather tomorrow after a LOOOOONG week.

Today at the mall was so strange. The first hour or so that the store was open, the business was pretty steady. Mostly with people picking up last minute presents for their mothers ('cause Corporate America told them to)...then about 1pm it got slow again.

I really don't get this place. I've always thought this was a far superior mall to the Cumberland Mall (it's not almost entirely taken over by shoe stores and cell phone places like Cumberland is). There is a decent mix of stores. I know that where I used to park/enter (the other side of the mall), I would enter and immediately head for the escalators, ignoring everything pretty much on the other side of the escalators since none of the stores on the far end where Macy's is really appeal to me (women's clothing stores, teenager clothing stores, a sporting goods store, etc.). Even upstairs there's nothing worth walking by on that end of the mall. Also, just shy of the escalators is the middle anchor, J.C. Penney's.

Then there's the meat of the mall with most of the stores you expect in a mall: the Hallmark store, Spencer's, Build a Bear, Bath and Body Works, Electronics Boutique, the Disney Store, Borders Express (used to be Waldenbooks)...

...then there's the food court

...then there's the other set of escalators and the other entrance (the one that I now use that is closer to the location of my store). On our end of the mall downstairs you'll find Lenscrafters, Kay-Bee Toys, Suncoast Video, Payless Shoes (though there's an external Payless at the external Borders as well), Verizon Wireless, the pet store, the comic shop and the other big anchor, Sears. What's strange to me is that the end that I would actually shop is usually deserted. What, no one wears glasses that need to be adjusted? No one buys toys? No one needs shoes? The one thing that may help this situation slightly is that Spencer's is moving down to our end of the mall (though they'll be upstairs). You'd think that our being the only place to buy music (except for the smaller section inside Hot Topic) would be enough to drive more people into the mall. Yes, there are Borders (outside in the same parking lot), Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and Circuit City within quick driving distance, but most people will shop in the mall once they are there from what I've observed...

Anyway...dead for most of the day...which tires me out, sometimes, as much as being busy does.

Tonight, Kris and Heather came over and we finally tried a recipe we'd found a while back while paging through our recipe books soon after we moved into the new house. It was apricot glazed pork loin served with teriyaki noodles. Yum. I totally cleaned my plate!

Afterwards, we were talking about movies and Kris mentioned that he'd never seen "Monty Python's Life of Brian" (neither had Heather), so we had to put it on for them (so I skipped my usual Mother's Day ritual of watching "Mommie Dearest" and "Psycho") really is a great flick that's funny AND leaves you thinking too...


I'm just hoping to get a bit of sleep tonight since I've been up so early the last couple of days...I feel like the walking dead.

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