Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Saratoga Springs! - now a podcast!

Just wanted to let everyone know about what is likely going to be one of my favorite podcasts throughout this spring and summer...

ZBS Foundation is now podcasting Saratoga Springs!

This show was originally broadcast on NPR and released on audio-cassettes WAAAAY back in 1989. My cassettes have long ago since stretched out and worn out and probably started turning to dust. ZBS only currently offers the show as a "Best Of". This will be the ONLY way to hear the COMPLETE show.

The best way to describe the show is as a modern day radio serial. Episodes run about 5 minutes or so. They follow the various strange fictional denizens of the non-fictional town (including a wonderful score, some great stories of Saratoga Springs history and sweet comedic moments)'s also more of a dramedy than a comedy in places with some really touching moments.

Jump in NOW, 'cause they are only going to be offering episodes for a few days at a time... (today the second episode debuted, but the first episode is still in the RSS feed for the time being).

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