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Too Darn Hot!

I've been having some long days at the HCRT...the days are dragging and I'm beginning to get that feeling of all the days running in together. It's hard to keep going when you can't even remember what day it is anymore...

...on top of it, it's been SO hot outside and though their are air conditioners in the room, they aren't enough to cool a person back down once they've been outside...I feel like I'm just going to melt while I'm up there.

On top of it, we all seem to be constantly eating. I'm trying to stick to as much liquids as possible while I'm there in the hopes of stabilizing my temperature and staying hydrated, but it's hard to not constantly nosh when EVERYONE is running to here and there for MORE and MORE food...KFC, Chinese, pizza, goodies from the bakery, deli sandwiches from Wa-Wa, Rita's water ice (okay, that one I can excuse 'cause it's still keeping you cool), and so much more being consumed...if it wasn't for the constant sweating, I don't think I'd be maintaining my weight...
I'm beginning to feel more confident about my lines. As of today, I have another scene under my belt (with my lines learned). It was a little shaky today when I finally put down the script out of my hand, but I got through it...meanwhile, Amanda and I have a little more of our physical stuff out of the way. I'm a bit disappointed at the short length of our tussle, but what can you do?


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Jul. 22nd, 2003 06:23 pm (UTC)
You are gonna be AWESOME, brian... don't get discouraged! And yes, I will be able to see the show. I wouldn't miss it for the world... ok? good... keep sane, my lovely!
Jul. 24th, 2003 06:22 am (UTC)
The short tussle, kind of like the hustle
The fight is just supposed to be a very quick little fight, and you have to suit the fight to the actors skills. Unfortunately, Amanda is not made for stage combat. When I was chor. for the Macbeth fights at SJRT, I had a spectacular battle for Macbeth v. Macduff planned out - three pages of meticulous choreography! It was gonna be great. Then I found out what swords we were using. Then I found out that neither Macbeth or Macduff knew how to handle a friggin' weapon. Three pages became two quick moves. It sort of worked, but damn I was pissed and upset. At least the Banquo murder was cool (even though there was not an actual exchange of swordplay EVER), and the Lady macduff murder was pretty gruesome and effective as well. (Thanks to Troy, Anderson, and Sandy for that!). The point is, what we have works.

On a side note, I'm pretty happy with how the show is shaping up and forming. Yes, we have those long, hot days, but damn, it's working. My cast is pretty damn good (some bumps and rough spots, but they'll be ironed out by the time we start tech).

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