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Let's day...

I had a LONG day at work today (that was the only bad part), but as soon as I got home, I got changed, hung out online for a little bit, then headed out to pick up Kyle at the movie theatre and take him with me to the HCRT where we were ushering (with Ian Kimble).

While at the show, I bumped into Tom McCarty (my leading man in "On Tidy Endings", my first directing experience) and Jason and Michelle Heney (who were there to buy tickets for Othello, but stayed to watch Twelfth Night).

Kyle and I left when the show started and we headed back to the house. I grabbed a couple of towels and we went next door to Linda's house to hop into the pool. I was freeballin' and planned to get into the pool naked (I don't think there should be any other way to be in a pool, honestly). I was surprised when Kyle took his own shorts off and hopped in nude as well (he's only fifteen). Then again, of all the guys that I've gone skinny dipping with, this kid is the one with the least reason to be shy (no gut, no scars, no "back-ne", no pimples on his ass...).

We stayed out in the water for about an hour, talking and just mindlessly floating around (it was nice, since we got there at dusk and stayed until after dark...the bats in the woods behind the house were pretty active tonight and it was neat seeing them flying around in the light), then headed back to the house, listened to a couple .mp3s and we went out to the mall to pick up his mother, Terri.

When we got back to the house, we all sat down and watched one of my all-time favorite movies: "What's Up, Doc?". I then dropped them off at home and now I'm about to head into bed...
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