Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
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"Shortbus" (2006)

IMDB: Shortbus (IMDB)
Amazon: Shortbus (Amazon)
Netflix: Shortbus (Netflix)

First off, yes, this movie does contain scenes of explicit sex. There's full frontal nudity of both varieties. There are insertion shots and cumshots and mouths on penises and faces between buttcheeks.

However, this isn't a porn film. Or if it is, it's a porn film with a great pedigree. It has good acting, engaging characters, quotable dialogue, great cinematography and art direction.

It follows a gay couple, the "Jamies", who are starting to have intimacy troubles partially due to the one partner (James, as opposed to Jamie) suffering from serious depression. They seek the help of Sophia who is a sex therapist (she prefers the term "couples counselor"). Sophia has a problem herself: she's never had an orgasm, though she enjoys the intimacy she shares with her husband. The Jamies take her to "Shortbus" an artsy sex club that should exist in real's part Plato's Retreat, part Warhol's warehouse, part nightclub with various chat areas in nooks and crannies throughout the building. There...Sophia meets Severin...(not Severin as in controladdict), who is a dominatrix (a sex therapist of another name, really) and they form an interesting friendship.

If you are adult enough to see a movie with visible penises and vaginas (including one scene of self-fellatio) without sniggering, give it a try.
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