Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Academy Awards - 12am to 1am

J-Lo is too frumpy in her she pregnant?

Dreamgirls song montage...reminds me how much I want "Listen" to win (it's my favorite of the new songs from the movie)! Though I can imagine "I Love You I Do" becoming a sort of "standard"'s lovely. I feel a little bad for Beyonce that they had Jennifer sing her song (didn't they already disgrace her enough by not allowing her a writing credit and therefore an Oscar? This is especially disgraceful of the Academy after they had her sing THREE songs at last year's show.). Wow! Anika Noni Rose is possibly one of the best dressed of the night! (I'm afraid though, that while these are all great songs, that they've split the vote...leaving the choice between Melissa and Randy...I choose Melissa).

Speaking of movie plug presenter combinations: John Travolta and Queen Latifah (who proves big can be beautiful!)
Melissa! Cool. Well Spoken, hon'!

We're in the third hour...when do we see the montage of the dead?

I'm not sure I quite understood the point of the montage that Michael Mann put together...

The Departed - lovely to see a woman winning a technical award that isn't costumes!

Jodie, honey, you're beautiful. Now, look around you. Ellen is hosting. Melissa just won an award. You've got two of them. There's nothing to fear. Say it. The world will continue to love you.

Here's the montage for the departed...I knew it was getting to be that time...

Oh! I didn't know that Red Buttons died! Aww...and Jack Wild? Poor Freddie the Flute must be lonely without him...

Helen Mirren - graceful, lovely, I can't wait to see this film soon (hopefully it will be released on DVD shortly)

Another GREAT commercial...this one apparently for the iPhone from Apple. Again, I say it looks beautiful, but I don't want one. I would however want an iPod that uses that interface WITHOUT the phone software in it and LOTS more gigs of storage (I currently have a 60gig and wouldn't settle for less than 100-120 in the newer model)

Whoa...Reese is gorgeous, but someone please get her a sandwich STAT!

I'm happy for Forest Whittaker, but my heart breaks for poor Peter O'Toole (at least he has one of those honorary ones, right?)

The director trio is wonderful to see...nice to know that George Lucas can laugh about the fact that he never won an Oscar...
Yay! It's about time. Martin Scorsese's body of work is some of the strongest that has ever come out of Hollywood!

I don't know whether this is his natural look or whether it was done for a part...but I'm really loving Jack Nicholson bald...and I think Diane Keaton is looking great (though a softer hair color would be more flattering). At least someone is dressing her better these days...

The Departed...not a surprise, since it's usually the one directed by Best Director.

---It's now 1am and I just have to get my blankets out of the dryer and finish making my bed (and then lay in it!). Goodnight everybody!

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