Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Academy Awards - 10pm to 11pm

Song from Cars - This is a sweet song and a tender moment in the film, but Randy Newman has won plenty of times. It's time to share the wealthJames Taylor almost looks like Robert Duvall these days...
Song from Inconvenient Truth - I LOVE Melissa Etheridge...! While Ellen is hosting, wouldn't it be nice to see another lesbian win?

AL GORE! I LOVE this man! I wish he was allowed to be our President back in 2000 (and could still be our president now). Hopefully, the announcement that he spoofed here will be made real soon...he's truly the only person I can imagine giving Hillary or Barack a run for their money come 2008...(I personally would like to see a Gore/Obama ticket!)

Ellen's "recycled" jokes...loved it.

Cameron Diaz - keep the dress, ditch the hair. Cammy, I want you back to blonde!! I'm not so sure about the earrings either...
"Happy Feet"? REALLY? I just can't imagine myself EVER wanting to sit down and watch this one. Something about it just pushes me away from it.

a montage..."writers" - cute. But, still filler...

Helen Mirren - perfection. Stunning, glamorous, gives girls half her age (and even a third of her age) a run for their money!
Tom Hanks - thankfully cut the creepy "Davinci Code" hair...

"The Departed" - haven't seen it yet, but have it on my Netflix queue...

Anne Hathaway - always a Princess (as in Princess Mia)
Emily Blunt - dazzling dress, but an up hairdo would have been more complimentary...also, her skin is a little too shiny!

Okay...I hate it when period pieces win, but they are all period pieces of one degree or another this year for costumes: My personal choice is Dreamgirls, but I wouldn't be upset if either Devil Wears Prada or Curse of the Golden Flower won. The Queen, while requiring attention to detail, could be designed simply by scouring newspaper clippings and newsreels. Marie Antionette could be wardrobed simply by finding the storage unit that held the costumes for Dangerous Liaisons. Prada required contemporary clothes that would be believable as chic. Dreamgirls had to do not only normal clothing of the 60s and the 70s but the glitzy show costumes...Golden Flower had to recreate an era that modern day eyes aren't accustomed to...UGH! the most pedestrian of them wins...!

Humanitarian Award - Sherry Lansing, never heard of her...but, from the looks of it, I should have...well-deserved standing ovation.

Ellen with both Clint Eastwood AND Steven Spielberg...the BEST!

Gwyneth - interesting the Veronica Lake hair!
Pan's Labyrinth again...I think this is a record for a foreign made film...certainly for a film that's not in English...does anyone know if that's actually the case?

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