Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Academy Awards - 9pm to 10pm

Opening Montage and Ellen ---

Both are just fucking brilliant!

Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman --

She is normally a beautiful woman. Look at just about any of her films. Heck, she was gorgeous on Oprah's Oscar special which I watched earlier today...why does she look so bland here?

Yes, at least the "Art Direction" award makes sense...though I haven't seen "Pan's Labyrinth" yet, I know that it is a fantasy world, and therefore required more creativity than most of the usual period pieces that win this category...and the winners included a HOT latino bear!

Maggie Gyllenhaal is stunning and I liked the way Jodie Foster looked just now when they showed her in the audience...

Will Ferrell + Jack Black + John C. Reilly --

re: Jack Black - why didn't you keep the look from the cover of Vanity Fair?
re: Will Ferrell - normally I find him ugly/sexy. Tonight...just ugly...What's up with the Kotter hairdo?
re: the song - cute, but how much time have we eaten up now?

"Pan's Labyrinth" wins again and from what little we see here, I can see looks exotic. While I enjoyed the make-up on Adam Sandler, there have been plenty of fat suits over the years (hello, Courtney Cox-Arquette!)

I didn't realize that the little boy in "Pursuit of Happyness" was Will Smith's real-life son! He's adorable...he looks a LOT like Jada (who is beautiful as always) I LOVE Abigail Breslin's gown...glamourous and still sweet and girlish

WOW! a NON-Disney/Pixar film WON? That's awesome and congratulations to the winner (Torill Kove)! (though I'm just a little saddened that the "Little Matchgirl" didn't win, 'cause I was hoping that a classic line drawn Disney film would win...

"West Bank Story" looks's a shame they never really show these things anywhere!

It must have been hard to NOT split the vote for the two films they worked on...I'm sure that most voters decided that if they were going to vote for one, it would HAVE to be "Letters from Iwo-Jima" instead of "Flags of Our Fathers" since it was up for best picture

First Oscar for the night for it a consolation prize for the biggie?

Here's one of the first biggies: I'm conflicted here, since I want Eddie to win, and yet I know that Alan Arkin is also very deserving (and really, wouldn't these BOTH be one of those "we like your whole career" things?) Mark Wahlberg and Djimoun Hounsou have SO many more nominations coming their way...they are both so young and both getting great scripts, still. For Jackie Earle Haley, this nomination should really be award may have put him back into the cultural zeitgeist...he may be able to work again, now.Alan Arkin! I'm sad for Eddie, and hope that he will be able to turn his career around and do more projects with weight and not stuff like "Norbit"...but, I've always loved the great Alan Arkin...and he was one of the few shining lights in that movie.

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