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oh! The Kitties!

I just looked back and realized that I never updated everyone on the story of the kitties...

Well, that next morning, Pal showed back up (she was the mother of the other litter...the one that was under the car and seemingly abandoned). I'd brought her kittens up to her daughter for the night. She accepted them all back and actually moved under the porch with them.

Unfortunately, one of them was just not "right"...there was something wrong with little Mimi (she was mishapen). She ended up being left to starve by Pal. It was hard to allow it, but Paul reminded me that it would be worse for Mimi to be allowed to live since she would likely be in pain.

Pal then moved onto the porch with Hermione and HER brood. Pal's three remaining kittens and Hermione's three intermingled from that point on...

Sometimes, I'd find Pal with all six, sometimes, Hermione would have all six (they shared the duties as one big family...Pal recognized the kittens from Hermione as being from her brood since they were her grandchildren I guess). Sometimes, they mixed/matched.

Unfortunately, one of Pal's other kittens got hit by a car a few weeks ago (at least I haven't seen any of the others anywhere near the road since). I'm also seeing three other kittens from another of Pal's kittens (Prince, who is the father) running around (the mother is a beautiful long hair named Shadow)...

Anyway, the five remaining kittens are happy/healthy and have two mommies with their mom/big sister and mom/grandmom...
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