Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Moving is progressing...

For those who don't know why I've been so silent of late (though I've been lurking and reading the rest of you), we closed on our new house on Tuesday the 30th (last week). Since then, it's been a whirlwind of calling utilities to get things transferred over, buying necessities for the new house (ex. we really wanted a newer microwave and got a great deal on one at the BJ's Wholesale Club (it was a combination microwave/convection oven)), arranging moving vans and movers, etc.

The past week or so has been just this: pack, bring stuff to the new house, go back and repeat...until we started running out of boxes and I started unpacking a few things here and there (primarily the books which are going in the library/study (den) and laundry being distributed to various rooms), and then starting all over.

Tomorrow is OUR big moving day (meaning Paul and I acting as the movers...). We've rented a truck to carry out the smaller furniture that we know we can handle (or isn't way too heavy for us/costly to replace like the washer, dryer, refridgerator or HDTV), including my comic book boxes (which in itself is a large undertaking because there are approx. 75 long boxes...which will have to be carried downstairs to the truck and then downstairs to the new basement (we also have to find some wood palettes or something to keep them off the basement floor, though that may have to wait until after we are completely in the house).

Since on that particular agenda is our computer desks, and I want to get going early, we're likely not going to be online for a day at least until Friday morning/afternoon when the cable guy comes to the new house (we are also moving the small television from upstairs to make sure everything is okay with that end of the cable). Friday, Paul will have the fun of hooking up the TiVo and computers upstairs...

THEN, on Saturday, the BIG stuff moves out with the professional movers: the appliances mentioned above plus the couch and loveseat from the living room, the china closet from the dining room and my bed/headboard and dresser (which is huge, but at least disassembles to two pieces).

Once that is complete, the majority of our life will be in the new house (though it's probable that Sunday and Monday will be spent taking the last dregs of our stuff to the new house).

Anyway, if I maintain more "radio silence" through the weekend you'll understand, I hope. BUT, once everything is moved in (and unpacked PROPERLY and not just left in boxes are strewn everywhere willy-nilly), I will be happy to share photos of the new abode with everyone.
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