Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

FRIGHTENING, Blood Chilling Movie...

Tonight, Paul and I watched a movie that left me feeling as if I may not go to sleep tonight, 'cause I'm afraid of the nightmares that will come.

It wasn't written by Stephen King. It wasn't directed by Wes Craven. Kane Hodder wasn't in it.


It was a documentary called "Jesus Camp" and it focused on how Evangelical "Christians" indoctrinate their children at a very young impressionable age.

We see that they start this indoctrination at home with home schooling...apparently, roughly 75% of the children home schooled are E.C.s. We see a glimpse of one such mother teaching her children that such ideas as global warming and evolution (or just about any notion of scientists that shakes their dimly lit pilot light view of the world or disagrees with their book of fairy tales) are fallacies believed by us sinners who just haven't felt the "word of God" yet or whatever.

Paul said it best, saying exactly what I was feeling, that as you watch them teaching these children at their camp, if you were to replace the name Jesus with Hitler and the words "our Lord" with "our Fuhrer" and you would be looking at newsreel footage of the Hitler Youth and not have to change much else.

...these people and their children really scare me. I'm so glad that my sister is aging past her childbearing years...the last thing we need is another child indoctrinated into this cult.

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