Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Gay Bingo - Philly

I've been remiss to post about this weekend. The big part of that is my shitty digital camera. Polaroid sure makes a crappy product. I can take a picture in the same spot with all four settings (auto-flash/red eye/fill flash/flash off). I either end up with everyone completely bleached out (with pure white goth/clown faces) or with everyone sitting in the dark (or all red/yellow/orange tinged). I took a couple of pictures of Severin and Jenn (controladdict and lucindalunacy at Gay Bingo and they were the goth clowns in those shots...!

But, otherwise, it was a great night. They brought Jenn's sister, Sarah (who won tickets to a burlesque show). We giggled over a few of the prizes (a sitting with a psychic...wouldn't she KNOW who would win?). They brought a great assortment of cookies from a local bakery. We even saw old friend Harry Murphine (who was a stripper in the show...promoting "Philly Dares", a burlesque show he is in).

I'd love to go back again soon!

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