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"Listen to What the Flower People Say"....

I fully support our troops. Just as I don't choose what CDs to stock in the store (or where to display them), they do not choose where to fight.

However, I do NOT support this WAR. I do not (retroactively) support the war in Vietnam either.

I remember being a child (circa. 1970/1-1974/5) and not knowing a world where there wasn't a war going on...I didn't know that the soldiers there weren't there of their own volition. I remember watching "Laugh-In" with the various jokes about the war (and, say, Goldie Hawn in a bikini dancing with a body painted "tattoo" that said "Make Love, Not War")...I remember watching the "Bugaloos" and other shows like that...and imagining that was what it was like to be a "Flower Child"...Remember, we didn't fully pull out of Vietnam until Aug 1975 (I would be about to start 3rd grade at that point)

...I remember wanting to BE a "Flower Child" when I grew up. Well, okay, so I didn't grow my hair long and join a commune, but...I still don't believe in this war. Now, don't get me wrong! If we were attacking, oh, I don't know...AFGHANISTAN than I think I would be the first one to say blow the fuckers off the map.

We are not in this war for the right reasons. We are in this war not because it is right or just or to "save the world for Democracy". We are in this war because it's "business". This war isn't about the Twin Towers, the war on terrorism, or any other spin-doctor reason. It's about oil...that's all it was about the LAST time.
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