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It's an utmost shame when this is the SECOND of Alan Moore's ultra literate and heavily researched books (just check out the annotations for the League at:

Jess Nevin's Annotations Pages to get a sense of how in depth these books really ARE or page through the graphic novel of From Hell and take a gander at the bibliography and various notes in the back and see how much thought went into his opus on Jack the Ripper) have to be turned into such pablum for the American mass-media mainstream public to be able to except it. Note the fact that they even changed the title from "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" to "LXG" (okay, even though they could simply have done this to save marquee space and letters for multiplexes, shouldn't it have been "LEG" (but, I guess they didn't want people thinking it was a movie about a severed body part)?). I haven't seen the movie, but I kind of dread it. I've heard from a friend who saw it that you could definitely tell who in the theatre was well-read and who wasn't by who laughed (or groaned) at what jokes and who didn't. I guess it would be an experience quite like that of when Paul and I went to the "South Park" movie and started laughing at the references to "Les Miserables" and everyone else in the audience was sitting quite silently...

Do yourselves a favor...everyone go to your local comic shop/bookstore and buy a copy of the first trade paperback of this series NOW and sit and enjoy it. I also recommend reading "From Hell", "Watchmen", and just about anything else Moore has written (though your mileage may vary).
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