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Fourth of July and beyond...happy stuff...

Well, let's see...I had to work on the Fourth, but I managed to still have a good time...

I went up to Cherry Hill to spend the rest of the evening with the Transducers...Dawn and Kim, Jim and Lin, Matt, Shawn, Martin and Candie and I all joined up with Chris and Andrea at Andrea's parent's house (they were away for the holiday). After spending some time in the pool and just joking around on the deck (at one point I was shocked by the site of one of the neighbor boy's over the fence...a BIG guy (teen...probably underage) running around naked outside...I'm normally not offended by male nudity (and I don't think I was offended), but it was odd to just see a stranger doing this completely within our eyeshot...).

We drove to this great park where we sat near a riverbank and watched the fireworks display coming from nearby Camden. We also could hear the music coming from the F.U. Center (Cheap Trick was giving their concert). The display was fabulous and the company was great (even when we got stuck in the horribly slow traffic on the way home).


I've finally started having the rehearsals for "Othello" and I feel much more confident about it now...I was having a bit of anxiety about learning my lines, but now that I've gotten a chance to walk through a number of the scenes, I have a feeling it will's hard work, but it will all pay off...

the Cast list and performance dates:


by William Shakespeare

Bryan Irrera - Roderigo
Michael North - Iago
Joseph Chicco - Brabantio
Joseph Chicco - Montano
Ian Kimble - Ensemble
Anderson Marchack - Othello
Amanda Sylvester - Michael Cassio
Kent McGroarty - Bianca
Kent McGroarty - 1st Officer
John Weiner - Governor of Virginia
April Brenner - Gratiano
April Brenner - 1st Senator
Avra Myers - Desdemona
Christy Linn - Emilia

Director - Brett Fauver
Asst. Director/Stage Manager - Stephanie Gervato-Fauver
Asst. Stage Manager - Kristen Alice Ozma Brozina
Set Design - Renee Weaver
Costume Design - Stephanie Gervato-Fauver

July 30 & 31, August 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 2003
Wednesday evening performance $5 all seats.
$12 Adults/$10 Children/Seniors/Students at the door.

For tickets, call: Call 825-3077
For directions/other info, please go to:
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