Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

...the Freedom of no Free Will...

I've been thinking about a particular statement my sister made at Thanksgiving. She said that she got her current job because she prayed and God helped her find the job. I guess it had nothing to do with reading want ads, filling out an application or going to an interview.

Now, I'm not being facetious/haughty/snobbish about the job itself (it's at a McDonald's) since years ago I worked in fast food (Taco Bell) for many years (seven). But, she also complained about the job and said she didn't like it. So, the sarcastic side of me thinks "I guess God doesn't really like her all THAT much, huh?"

My thought about this...if it is all about the power of prayer, wouldn't EVERYBODY who prayed have a roof over their head and a job and food in their belly and no disease, etc?

And if you think that every achievement of yours is because of "God" giving it to you and not because of your own effort, than wouldn't the reverse be true, too? Wouldn't you then be able to say that every one of your failures wasn't actually because you yourself made a mistake but because the "Devil" did it to you?

If that's the case, that could be fairly intoxicating wouldn't it? There would be no need to worry about the consequences to our actions because hey, God likes us, so it's okay not to bother trying at anything because all we have to do is pray and we'll succeed.

Hey, if our car breaks down on the highway it's because the Devil did it to us, not because we ignored the "check engine" light (why worry about the "check engine" light when God is there to get us to our destination?). Darn, the Devil made me forget to set my VCR/Tivo and I missed that show...or was it a sinful show and God made sure we didn't watch it and get corrupted? I never have to pay my bills because God will make sure that my electricity stays on thanks to a miracle (though even Jesus said to give unto Caesar what is Caesar).

No more taking personal responsibility for ANYTHING! I didn't cheat on my wife because I'm a bad person, but because the Devil made me do it. I didn't get that job not because I wasn't qualified, but because I didn't pray enough. I can eat as much fast food as I want and not worry about getting fat/heart disease/diabetes because God will keep me healthy (and if he can't it's because the Devil made the food I gorged myself on).

Is that what's going on in these people's heads?

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