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Announcing our Wedding...

As Paul states on his journal pabsungenis, Governor Corzine signed the gay civil union bill into law. Paul and I are finally getting married. The date: November 14, 2007. That's our 15th anniversary (ignore that bit about I count differently...since it's bollox. I consider us ENGAGED from the point at which he proposed and gave me a ring...but it's not like we have EVER noted THAT on any kind of calendar for Gosh sakes.).

It's a Wednesday, so it's not like it's going to be a huge affair. We both really want it to be intimate. Really just our very closest friends.

Paul is having three groomsmen (Mike, Jeffe and Ronnie) though, so I better get on the ball and ask the three gals I want most by my side (is it weird that they are all divorced?).

Of course, since it's going to be very small...please understand if you are not invited...we would however, love to throw a big party or two soon after so we can see everyone (but not a reception...I don't foresee us going through the motions of emulating the breeders...imagine it: the cake eating ceremony when everyone sings "the groom eats the cake" followed by a chorus of "the OTHER groom eats the cake"...not really all that festive is it? Besides, why do we need all that bullshit...?).

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