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Wal-Mart STILL selling Nazi SS Skull Symbol Shirt!

Hey, guys, remember this entry where I told you about the Nazi skull T-Shirt sold at Wal-Mart?

And do you remember THIS entry where a guy named Marshall Manson (great last name by the way, Marshall!) sent me an e-mail apologizing for Wal-Mart selling this t-shirt and how they had NO IDEA what they were selling?

Guess what!! They are STILL selling them!!. Oh, and to make it even WORSE: the designer of the shirt IS JEWISH! WTF?


I just came back from visiting the local Wal-Mart (store #2109) located at 2291 N. Second St. in Millville, NJ (08332). Their phone number there is: (856) 825-4200.

I took the following picture:

What makes it worse is...though they removed it from the display "wall" it was still on the shelves underneath. This was the last one left which leads me to believe that Wal-Mart never removed it from the shelf and merely didn't restock it...figuring that enough people would buy it during the holiday shopping season that it would disappear before people realized it was never sent back to the warehouse.

So, Marshall Manson, what do you have to say about this?

FURTHER EDIT: See the NEXT entry: which contains an updated version of the photos (with a copy of today's USA Today in the photos).
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