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Long few weeks with no REAL journal entry...'s what's been happening in Bryanland...

Let's start a few weeks ago with the whole Big Al nonsense: Big Al, for those of you who don't know, is my former business partner. Since we went our separate ways, he's had a bit of a change in his disposition.

Anyway...we get this call out of the blue from him. He's totalled his car and he'll need a ride to work in the morning (he's not actually calling for a ride...he wants to out and out borrow one of cars!)...well, I'm asleep (I was pretty tired that night). Paul tells him that I'll be going to work at 10 am the next day and to call before that and maybe we'd be able to arrange a ride for him, but that we'd not be loaning out one of our cars (we don't know the circumstances of the accident, but he's previously had a DUI). In actuality, but unbeknownst to Paul, I'd actually be going into work at 11am that following morning. Paul had some errands to do that morning and would also be out, but he waited to head out when I was heading out. When does Al call? At 10:10Am...ten minutes after he thought I would have already arrived at work! He calls again at least four more times in the next few minutes (from his cell, his girlfriend's cell, etc.). He also calls Paul's cell and my cell.

Sorry, Al, but I had to go to work and that was a Friday. That means that I also was going to have to use my own car to go to the bank afterwards to cash my check. It was also the first Friday of Paul's show (he was in a children's show ("Pinocchio") at the HCRT that night and I didn't plan to miss it...

Okay, so flash forward to the following Monday afternoon/evening. I get out of FYE and head straight to the movie theatre. Paul is there and he tells me that he left Big Al back at our house. Al had gotten a ride to our house and Paul had promised him that he would be giving Al a ride to his job (in Deptford...for those of you not in Jersey, that would be at least a half-hour/forty minute ride depending on traffic) in the morning. Al calls the movie theatre and whines asking me to come pick him up at our house and take him out to the movie theatre, 'cause he's crawling the walls.

When I get home, he's polished off an entire box of Fig Newtons (he's diabetic), a jug of Kool-Aid and half a jug of Bacardi Rum (he's also an alcoholic). He's acting quite hyper and I remember that I've heard rumours that he's a coke addict now (that is supposedly why he was fired from one of his gigs...the rumour is that he was caught either selling or buying). He's quite animated in his speech and he's not making much sense. The stories he's trying to tell keep going around in circles to each other, like he's a broken record... turns out that the current girlfriend he's been living with has accused him of beating her and has a restraining order on him. Meanwhile, he's got this new business venture he's starting. It's one of those pyramid schemes (like Amway)...he's selling alarm systems. Well, we already have an alarm system at home. We have the Slomin Shield. It's completely paid off. Those of you who have been following the posts on the journal are quite aware that we don't need any more debt (as if anyone needs any more debt). He's trying to sell US one. I tell him that we can't afford it. He says "well, doesn't Paul get a trust fund check?"...I try to tell him that the trust fund check pretty much is the only thing keeping us afloat while we're still trying to keep the movie theatre around. He then tells me "well, it's not your money anyway. You don't make the decisions. I'm going to talk to Paul."...Paul is in the next room (the office at the movie theatre) and he proceeds to tell Al exactly what I just told him...Hell, one month's electric bill alone can be near or over $2500...Al just doesn't want to believe it and thinks that we're lying to him.

He storms outside and Paul takes him. True to his word, Paul still takes Al to his workplace (the alarm company) in Deptford the next morning.

The next night (Wednesday), we get a couple of calls on our answering machine from Beth and Rich (Beth is a cousin of mine...she and her husband, Rich, are also in the karaoke business)...I don't notice them at first when I get home from the theatre and Paul hadn't heard the phone while he was working on his radio show...the message from Rich says that Al is in jail. I call Rich back when I listen to the messages.

It turns out that the night that Al was at our house he apparently may have made a few phone calls with our phone...including to Beth and Rich's house (it showed up on their caller id). Anyway, on Tuesday, after he somehow got back from Deptford, he went over to their house and just let himself in. Beth was home and she came downstairs to find Al making phone call after phone call on their living room phone. She asked Al to leave, but he ignored her. Beth called Rich on her cell to find out what exactly to do and Rich gave her a suggestion that worked: she went back out to Al and offered him a few bucks to go get her some cigarettes at the store. He snatched it out of her hands and quickly left. She quickly locked all the doors and windows. Rich immediately came home and found Al returned to the house, banging on the windows demanding to be let back in...

Rich watched Al finally give up and leave.

The next day, Al kept making phone call after phone call TO Beth and wouldn't leave her alone...she said that he pretty much filled their answering machine. That night, they got a call from the girlfriend (the one with the restraining order) asking them to come to her house...apparently Al had been calling HER all day as well...Al showed up soon after they arrived and was obviously high/drunk on something...he started a fight with Rich when he saw him there. This alerted the state trooper who lived across the street to Al's presence (the trooper was aware of the restraining order) and he quickly came over and put Al in cuffs and the cops took Al away.

Thank goodness they called. Anyway, Paul and I immediately changed the locks the next day on the entire house...Al used to have a key since we used to store the equipment here!

He spent five days in jail and then his cousin suddenly dropped him off at the movie theatre while Paul and I were there. All he wanted to do was to "go home, get drunk and play Playstation" and he wanted to go to our house and get the rest of that bottle of rum. His cousin left him there for me to bring him home.

He was going to be going back to his apartment (there was still a restraining order, so he couldn't go back to the house he shared with the girlfriend). He was locked out and needed to get his landlord to let him in (since the police never gave him his keys back or something). He was complaining that it was cold and wanted me to give him one of Paul's shirts so he wouldn't be cold. I fought with him for a few minutes and finally gave in, sacrificing one of Paul's shirts for the sake of just getting him the fuck out of our house!

He called his landlord, but they wouldn't let him in...he said that he would have the fire department let him into his balcony with a ladder...he asked me to drop him off at the police station so they could prove to the fire department that he really was who he was and that he wasn't trying to burgle his own apartment. That's the last I saw of him.

I've since heard that he went back into jail for another week for again breaking the restraining order, which is now permanent. He's got another karaoke gig at a place in Buena...I don't know how long that's going to last!
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