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Visiting With My Sims - Fernando and Kristen with Pal

The last time we saw Fernando and Kristen, they were going to start trying to have a baby...for now, they have a cat to prepare them for parenthood!

I made a cat based on one of my favorites of my outside tribe...Pal, who was the original matriarch of the family.

Well, the next day, Kristen came home from work (where she's an assistant coach) and made some lunch for Fernando (he'd had the day off) and her new friend from work, Jack. She prepared some open-faced tomato/mozzarella sandwiches:

Hysterically, true to the character of the REAL Pal, she immediately jumped on the counter and had some lunch herself:

Pal wasn't very happy about being chewed out by Kristen!

When no one was looking, she went outside and started ripping up some of the flowers!

I noticed that one of the basic needs that they built into cats is to scratch. Here Pal is satisfying that need on her cat perch (that looks out into the patio).

In the end, though, she's turning out to be a fairly happy (if precocious) cat!

Pal (just so you can see that she looks fairly close to her inspiration)
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