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Paul and I drove up to my Aunt's and had a lovely time today visiting with my Aunt, my mother and my sister while we ate the turkey and played Apples to Apples (and had this awesome apple maple pie that Bette got at the local farmer's market). The drive was tiring 'cause of all the rain, but we're home in the warmth and I'm going to settle in and watch "Grey's Anatomy" in a little while... least for this one holiday season, I'm not working in retail so I can sleep in tomorrow and get some rest (at least some mental rest), I'm still packing up all the comics for the big move soon and I'm still dead center in the middle of the letter "S" (so many...Spider-Man, Superman, Star Trek and Star Wars make up the bulk and there's SO much to slog through...thank God for my podcasts to listen to).

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