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Customer finally called FYE on their BAIT AND SWITCH practices regarding video console pre-orders!

Basically, people would pre-order their consoles (Wiis, PS3s, last year's XB-360s) and never tell them that they are not just ordering the They are also required to purchase it in a "bundle" and that's the only way they let a console leave the store.

A typical bundle might be: console, an extra game (though it's usually two or three games), an extra controller, at least something else extra (with XB-360 they also had to get the DVD remote and some extra cable)....and maybe they'd through in something else for "free" (with XB-360 it was one of those dumb/completely useless faceplates).

Avoid these practices. Cancel your consoles with places like FYE and Best Buy. Buy them the way YOU want (though I think that a bundle of console and ONE game (and that's it) makes some sense 'cause you need at least one game for the console to be something more than an expensive paperweight). Eventually, they won't be able to bully you.

Don't be a sheep.

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