Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Saturday Night Live...

Last night's Saturday Night Live was the typical mixed bag of tired sketches and sketches that showed promise then went too long....

...but there were two big moments...

First, there was a sketch with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin parodying a "rivalry" they have over the amount of times they both have hosted...the big surprise at the end being something I think was an actual surprise for the two of them, judging especially by Alec's reaction...I have a feeling this whole week during rehearsals they told him that Paul Simon would appear at the end of the sketch and then Paul McCartney walked out. You could see he was stunned and became tongue-tied to see someone who was likely a lifetime idol standing there.

Then, after a reprise of the "Tony Bennett Show" sketch...with the actual Tony Bennett as a guest of Alec Baldwin's Tony Bennett impression...the last few minutes of the show were devoted to Tony Bennett doing a duet with musical guest Christina Aguilera on "Stepping Out With My Baby"...

...of course, this was lessened when I saw the commercial at the end of the show that announced a television special for Tony Bennett doing duets with a bunch of people including Ms. Aguilera, so it may have only been a preview commercial in it's own right...but...still good tv.

The one thing that I found odd, still, is that they still advertise ONLY "30 Rock" during SNL and NOT "Studio 60"...WTF? Don't complain about the ratings if you won't support it yourselves, guys!
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