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Urinetown! - A Musical

Paul and I went to see "Urinetown" done by the Road Company at the Grand Theatre in Williamstown, NJ. was probably one of the best amateur productions I've seen in a very LONG time. Everyone in the cast was just awesome.

It was so awesome, I want to go again tomorrow night before it's gone for good.

The cast was really strong, led by John Baccaro as narrator, Officer Lockstock. Standouts in the cast were Amy Sprouse as Little Sally, Lauri Hudson as Penelope Pennywise, David McConney as Bobby Strong and Lani Campagno as Hope Cladwell.

Ms. Campagno's voice was sublime...

The choreography, by Jodie Raditz, started slowly (due to the constraints of the first act music/scenes), but really was a MAJOR part of the thrills in the second act. The musical direction by Rulan Odinstov was wonderful with some very complicated vocal parts for the chorus to maneuver through.

The PACKED house, many of them that elusive younger theatre goer that the Cumberland County groups have never really been able to capture, really seemed to enjoy themselves as well (as much as Paul and I did).

I look forward to their upcoming season: "The Last 5 Years", "The Who's Tommy" (directed by Collin Maier), "The Crucible", "MISS SAIGON"!!!!!!, and "A Christmas Carol" (directed by Les Guglielmi).

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