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'80's Survey

Taken from kevinduran's journal:

1. Duran Duran or Culture Club? Culture Club -- saw them twice in concert on the reunion tour! Love Boy George...had a BIG poster of him in my room all throughout high school...
2. "We Are The World" or "Do They Know It's Christmas"? "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
3. Adam Ant or Bow Wow Wow? Though I can only name the one song by them, I'd have to go with Bow Wow Wow
4. New Romantic or New Wave? New Wave (there really wasn't a lot to choose from in New Romantic)
5. Hair Bands or Heavy Metal? okay...I know it's lame, but hair bands...I'm from Jersey, so I gotta go with Bon Jovi!
6. Transformers or Go-Bots? Uhm...sorry...didn't play with toys in the 80s...how about the Six Million Dollar Man or the 12-inch Kung Fu Grip G.I. Joe?
7. Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby or Cricket (talking girl doll)? 2-XL!!!
8. Fingerless lace gloves or bandana around the ankle? bandana around the thigh just above the knee...Chachi style!
9. New Coke or Classic Coke? Classic Coke
10. Simply Red or Crowded House? Crowded House.
11. Did you ever do "The Rock"? Do you mean like the Tim Curry song? Hell Yeah!
12. Can you "Safety Dance"? Absolutely.
13. Would you consider yourself Darling Nikki or Dirty Diana? I guess Darling Nikki.
14. Did you have plans to party in 1999? No, not really.
15. Did you HEAR "1999" right after midnight, January 1, 1999? No.
16. Were you sick to death of that song by January 1, 2000? No- I didn't hear it that much.
17. Did you identify more with Clare (Molly Ringwald) or Allison (Ally Sheedy)? Allison.
18. Were your teenage years more "Sixteen Candles" or "The Breakfast Club"? "Breakfast Club"...one of my all-time favorite movies
19. What was your wildest Day Off, a la Ferris Bueller? Maybe a trip to the mall? I don't know. I was at the mall a lot.
20. "All Night Long" or "Caribbean Queen"? Carribbean Queen... Lionel Richie sucks.
21. What would you have done differently to save Julian ("Less Than Zero")? I don't think there was any saving him. He was a mess. Maybe fucked him...Robert Downey Jr was HOT back then
22. Mogwai or Gremlins? Mogwai
23. Cyndi (fully poseable doll) or Jem? Rockin' Girl Jem.
24. Madonna or Cyndi Lauper? Cyndi Lauper
25. Corey Feldman or Corey Haim? Both were stupid. Corey Feldman was dumber though... his Michael Jackson impression in Michael Damian's "Rock On" video made me feel like crap. Corey Haim was a little pansy.
26. Atari, Intellivision, or Coleco? Intellivision! I still have mine and have twice as many cartridges for it thanks to Ebay! (around 40-50)
27. K-Tel or Ronco? K-Tel
28. Mullet or Mohawk? Mohawk
29. Poison or Skid Row? Skid Row, 'cause at least S. Bach became a broadway star!
30. Ratt or Britney Fox? Ratt. Never heard of the other band.
31. Rick Springfield or Corey Hart? Corey Hart....mmmmmmm. I crushed on him big time.
32. The Police or Sting solo? I guess The Police during the De Do Da Da phase.
33. Color of favorite legwarmers? I thought they were stupid and I was right.
34. Color of favorite big-ass 80s hairbow clip? I had no use for that.
35. How many times did you shoplift at Claire's Boutique? Never.
36. "Valley Girl" or "Punk Rock Girl"? "Punk Rock Girl"...I can't help humming it every time I'm down on South St. in Philly and I pass Zipperheads
37. If you could go back to the 80s knowing all you know now… would you? Yup...where's the Delorean?


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Jul. 11th, 2003 05:15 am (UTC)
80's rejected
ewww down with cindi lauper props with culture club
Jul. 11th, 2003 05:49 am (UTC)
Re: 80's rejected
I've always preferred Cyndi to Madonna...give me "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" over "Holiday" ANYTIME...

...there's one album by Cyndi that practically never leaves my CD player in the car for more than a month or two and it came out in May 1989...that's "A Night to Remember"...that's FOURTEEN years of almost continuous play and I NEVER get tired of it! I owned it on cassette and as soon as I bought the Saturn in 1998, it was the first CD I bought to play in the car.

I can't say that about ANY Madonna song/album.
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