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Disney - the rest of day two...

I never did finish that trip report after the second day...primarily 'cause I really didn't allow myself much downtime in the hotel. If I was in the hotel room, I was sleeping, brushing my teeth, showering, changing my clothes, or very briefly reading my e-mail...

When I left off, it was day two...

...we headed out to MGM via the boat and arrived about two hours before dinner. I looked at the wait time board and decided to forego the Tower of Terror and Rock and Roller Coaster until Sunday (to instead squeeze in a few other rides/attractions that didn't need as much wait).

We practically walked right onto the Great Movie Ride and got the cowboy scene for a change (we usually get the gangster scene). Thanks to reading about it on the newsgroups, I finally spotted where the Hidden Mickey is in the Indiana Jones scene (he's hidden in the Eqyptian hieroglyphics). We then walked by Star Tours (the Star Wars ride), grabbed fastpasses for it and continued onto Muppets. After Muppets, we were perfectly timed to get onto Star Tours as soon as we returned.

We still had a little time to kill before dinner, so we shopped briefly at the Big Ass Hat and picked up some pinback locks (I collect more pins than just the Disney pins, so I can always use these...sidebar: [Unknown LJ tag] they sell these at the Disney stores in malls?). We also ran over to the candy store and I grabbed a HUGE caramel nut apple (on my Disney snack credit) and headed into dinner at the Brown Derby...

...we waited briefly in the lobby/foyer of the restaurant and then headed in...they really did a good job making the interior of this place feel not only super classy, but also very retro. I kept thinking of the I Love Lucy episode the whole time we were there.

For dinner, we each started with the portobello mushroom/goat cheese tortelloni with tomato fennel sauce and sweet basil, each had the filet mignon with the dijon mashed potatoes. Paul then finished with the flourless chocolate cake and mango ice and I had the grapefruit cake (yellow cake with grapefruit cream cheese icing)...what a wonderful place to eat!

After dinner, we hightailed it back to the entrance of the park to the secret "Fantasmic Dinner package" back stage entrance to watch Fantasmic. We were seated off to the far stage left side of the stage. This was interesting because I've sat in the middle for many of the shows and I've also seen the show from the far stage right side (in May of this year) and I finally could see that while you get a great show from the middle, why the show in May was lacking...the stage is turned slightly to the advantage of the people in this special section.

While waiting for the show, I chowed down on my caramel apple (lord only knows where I found the room, but it's become my pre-show tradition). We amused ourselves with our phone games (Paul played bejeweled and I played Uno) until the show was about to start. For once, they didn't have the horrible pre-show people forcing the crowd to the do the wave and answer extremely easy trivia questions (hopefully those people are gone for good)!

Throughout the wait for the show, it looked as if the sky was about to open up, and it may have nearby in one of the other parks, but the storm passed us over...after the show, we boated back to Epcot and entered for the "Extra Magic Hour" evening. It was still quite a bit crowded with the regular patrons as we entered, but we headed over to Mexico.

Before going into the pavillion, we stopped at the Argentina Food booth and I had the grilled beef sirloin with the chimichurri sauce. AWESOME! We walked over to Mexico, I grabbed myself a fiesta frozen margarita (mango, lime, strawberry and kiwi swirled together) and we went onto "El Rio Del Tiempo"...for a second time, no one stopped me from carrying my drink onto this ride and it may be best experienced with the margarita in hand!

We decided to head deeper into World Showcase...we stepped into the Stave Church in Norway, saw a drawbridge between China and Outpost (Africa) go up so they could put away the big globe that's used in Illuminations and shopped our way through Germany and Italy before arriving at American Adventure. When we got there, it was still pretty crowded in the park, but there wasn't much wait there so we went in to watch the show...

...I was starting to fade from the long day AND the margarita and I caught myself starting to doze this we walked out, we were shocked to see how nearly empty the park was at this point (but, we were both too tired to appreciate this AND we were completely at the opposite end of World Showcase ANYWAY, so...we started heading towards the exit, even though we could have had another hour in the park at least). When we exited the park, I opted to continue walking to the hotel instead of sitting in the boat, 'cause I was afraid I'd fall asleep in the boat and never get back up again...

(I'll update again soon with our day three: Magic Kingdom adventure)
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