Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Day two (so far): Animal Kingdom

We got up at 6:30am and were at the bus stop by 7:30am. I knew the parks weren't opening until 9am, but I didn't want to miss the rope drop. We arrived shortly after 8am and we each spent the time reading our respective paperbacks.

We watched the opening of the park show with Minnie, Mickey, Goofy and Pluto (which leads guests back to the safari) and we followed the infamous "Yeti Guy" to "Expedition: Everest" (who has ridden the ride more than anyone else...recently topping 850 times). We saw him snag fastpasses on his way into the line!

We rode "Everest" which gave Paul a little motion sickness. I grabbed two fastpasses with our two tickets (so I could use them again later on) and we went over to the safari where there was already a half hour wait, but we saw a LOT of animals this time through.

We backtracked back to Everest so I could ride my two fastpass rides and then we walked through the Maharajah Jungle Trek (tigers!!)...before we got into the trail, we saw the monkeys outside in the temple...we aren't sure if they were fighting, just having a conversation or what, but they were very vocal and the way the temple is built, it amplified every sound they made!

We then got a quick lunch at Flame Tree Barbecue (he had a half-slab of ribs, I had the smoked beef sandwich...both served with baked beans and corn/cob and we each got a desert of key lime pie. God bless the meal plan!).

After doing a little shopping (I only picked myself up a pin...I was surprised to find what was once exclusively a cast member lanyard pin for sale. It was a Goofy "Hidden Mickey series" Coffee Mug.), we got back on the bus and returned to the hotel (where I finally got the chance to read my friends' page here on LJ). He's napping for a little while and in an hour we're going to go grab the boat to MGM so I can hopefully get a ride on the RockNRoller Coaster and the Tower of Terror before we have dinner at the Brown Derby and take in the show at Fantasmic! (followed by a boat ride BACK to Epcot and more Food/Wine Festival for extra magic hour evenings).

I've yet to see the "dream team" giving out prizes, but I did see a lady recieve a set of the Tinkerbell trading pins today at lunch and we have seen children pulled aside to be children of the hour and such (and a family in the lobby yesterday was declared family of the day and was given a HUGE bouquet of Mickey Balloons).

Hopefully, there will be one of those "million dreams" set aside for me (though I know it's random so there won't be any sour grapes from me if there isn't by the end of this trip!)...
Tags: animal_kingdom, walt_disney_world

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