Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
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I kind of like this show...I just wish they'd focus a little more on my favorite characters and WAY less on the couple or three that I can't stand:

I LOVE Hiro and the pyschic cop guy. Their storylines are interesting and I like the way their powers work, yada yada...

I'm intrigrued with stripper girl, but that's 'cause she also has some kind of multiple personality disorder so that has always intrigued me. I'm curious to see what's she's like when she becomes She-Hulk!

I'm on the fence with the cheerleader chick...she's annoying, but her powers are cool (we had a major revelation on tonight's ep. but I'm not spoiling it).

I'm also on the fence with the Indian guy...he's too dumb to be as smart as he's supposed to be. Grab the shit in your apartment (well, okay, your dead dad's apartment) and GET OUT OF THERE, DUMBASS! YOU CAN FIGURE THIS SHIT OUT ON THE ROAD OR SOMETHING!

The characters I really dislike are the two "flying" brothers...this made worse by the fact that they are both so unattractive! The older policitian guy looks like a deformed Thunderbird puppet come to life and the younger doofus brother has something really wrong with his mouth. He talks out of one side like he had a stroke or got shot in the head like Mary Jo Buttafuoco. If I wasn't watching with Paul, I'd probably fast forward through their scenes. I mean, isn't it obvious anyway where this is going to go? Politician guy has "Lex Luthor" stamped all OVER him!

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