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Spoiler-Free...don't worry...

I'm finally done book 5 of Harry Potter...whoa...whew!

It's a heavy undertaking (literally at 870 pages that's one BIG book...quite a lot of weight to have sitting on your knee).

Yes, there is an important death in this one. Without giving it away, it wasn't any of the people I'd expected...however, Paul had told me something that I thought about and I saw exactly what he meant...once you know that there is a death coming in this book you almost think it could be many of the characters as they are placed in perilous situations throughout the book..."No! It can't be ___"..."Oh NO! It's ___ instead" etc....

Anyway, I highly recommend reading this series (especially to those who weren't all that impressed with the movies and wonder what all the fuss is about...)...the books are SO much better than the movies!
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