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comic books... I'd been a lazy so-and-so for a few years...

...I've had stacks of books throughout the house waiting to be alphabetized/catalogued/boxed...

...I have to finish the job before we move into the new house just to help make the move easier. I spent a good portion of last week sorting out the "A - D" titles (arguing with myself whether "Gotham Knights" should be listed under "G" or "B" (for Batman) and things like that...). I got the chance to pick up some long boxes on Wednesday and I've been sorting those books into the rest of my collection. I've filled the five boxes, but still have about two-thirds of a box worth of "D" series to put away/integrate with the rest of my collection.

I've moved on, for now, to sorting out the "E - H" series, so at least I can sort these while I'm waiting to be able to take another trip to buy more long boxes...


BUT, I've discovered some series that I'd completely forgotten about...some deservedly so, of course (I'll go into more detail when I start putting them into ComicBase (since my copy is SO old and I can't afford to upgrade right now that will be some time AFTER we are in the new house).

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