Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

A real post - not much news to report.

I know I've mostly just been posting memes lately...primarily 'cause I haven't had much to say.

I'm not working. I'm mostly just staying home and web surfing, watching television, living the life of a hermit.

We focused a LOT on clearing out Paul's mother's house of all the crap over there. I finally felt a point where we all just hit a wall of all the important stuff to get out of there. The rest is useless garbage not worth saving.

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to finally be able to turn my head around and focus on clearing out OUR crap from this house. We have SIX WEEKS until ground breaking on our house (actually, now it's going to be closer to FIVE WEEKS). Once they break ground it will be about two months or so until the house is completed...

...that means, it's time to start aggressively going through our stuff and putting it all in one of three piles:

1 - stuff we're keeping that needs to be organized and boxed
2 - stuff that we're not keeping that may be worth keeping for someone else...offer it to friends and/or ebay it (old video tapes, books we no longer need, etc.)
3 - this really shouldn't even make it to a pile - stuff we're not keeping that no one else should want either...that goes directly to the dumpster.

We did get to go down the shore Friday night. That was awesome. It was a little cool outside, but I was wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt, so it was okay.

Paul and I went to Wildwood. I knew that I would still be able to get fudge in a few weeks when we're in Disney World (and the same for funnel cake), but I would have a whole other year before I'd be able to get a bucket of Curley's Fries...

There were some interesting changes. The Seaport "mall" pier is now closed. There was also a new "Doo Wop Diner" open down at the southern end of the boardwalk. Nice.

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