Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Quick New Home Update...

So, today, we had our meeting with the style consultant for:

1)vinyl flooring in the kitchen, morning room (breakfast nook) and the three (two and a half) bathrooms

2) carpeting in the study, living room (basement), dining room, family room, both stairwells, all four bedrooms and upstairs hallway

3) tiling in both upstairs bathrooms.

All total, the meeting took slightly over two hours (and the lady said we were amongst the fastest she'd dealt with making these decisions). It helps that I had some basic ideas coming in (and that she had samples of the countertops, cabinets and hardwood floors that we'd already chosen to use as a basis).

I gather that the next meeting will involve paint colors (which will pretty much be basic white in the bathrooms and some form of beige in the rest of the house just to keep a flow throughout the house).

I predominantly stuck to earth-tones with a rich brick color for the kitchen floor, light beige carpets (with the exceptions being the basement which will be more of a pink called "Scotland Road" and the family room having more blue and gold mixed in with the beige). The bathrooms are simple, with the master bath (where the whirlpool tub is) having a blue/beige tile trim around the white tile and a little hint of blue in the floor pattern.

I can't wait to see the final product.

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