Bryan F. Irrera (bfirrera) wrote,
Bryan F. Irrera

Weekend and new house update...

So, on Saturday, we had another meeting with the new house people. This time it was with the electrician guy to map out where we would need any particular hook-ups (cable, internet, etc.) and whether we needed anything in particular (5.1 stereo hookup in the basement which will be the living room, for instance).

We went over the security system that comes pre-installed with the house and other details.

There were some extra options we could have installed: intercom throughout the house, music piped into certain rooms. We opted not to take these.

There was one that I couldn't pass up: (partially because there was a lifetime warranty on all parts) central vaccuuming in the whole house. There will be hook-ups in the walls of the basement, one in each of the three rooms that are carpeted on the main floor, two on either end of the hall upstairs and a main hub in the garage (where the whole thing will be connected to a big drum that we may only have to empty about every six months or so...okay, with the three cats shedding probably about every three months...but isn't that cool?)

We've also been cleaning out the house next door (Paul's mother's house) and the stuff is going to one of five destinations: the storage unit that we got for Linda until she can get her ass up here to get her shit, the dumpster that we rented, our house, friend's houses (when we find something that we know a particular friend would truly enjoy or make use out of) or ebay.

Amongst the cool stuff we've come across: Linda's (and some of Paul's) View-Master (sorry, Linda, but that's now MINE), "Big Boggle" (which had nine more's five by five instead of four by four), the complete "Presidential transcripts" (paperback) from the Watergate years, a program from one of the Beatles' US tours, Paul's grandfather's eighth grade diploma (from 1927) and lots of other neat stuff.

Yesterday, I joined Tracy, Eric, Shawn, Dawn, Kim, Candie, Martin, Ben, Jacob, Chris, Mia, and Andi for Andi's birthday celebration. The Flying W Airport in Medford, NJ served us a pretty darn good brunch. (though, according to Shawn, avoid the Bloody Marys...not good. I don't like them, so I'll take his word on it.). Boy, was I STUFFED!

Then, last night at the movie theatre, Don and Dana (owner of "Thunderson Forge" down in Millville and his girlfriend) stopped in to see "Clerks II". After their movie was done, we stayed chatting with them (Jarvis and I) until about 2am (mostly about all of our favorite Dungeons and Dragons adventures).

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