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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle...

Without giving away any spoilers, I went out with the gang from the Transducers last night and we caught this flick. Now, I was a fan of the television series and did not see the first of these movies.

I will be soon Tivoing the first one to have a laugh-fest!

I thought this was entirely DUMB and highly IMPROBABLE. However, I laughed my ass off through the entire thing, so go figure.

Drew is adorable as always, Lucy was gorgeous throughout, Cameron was in her usual self-deprecating persona (she's entirely unafraid of being unglamorous).

Demi Moore is fun in her role (and it's so great to see her back on the big screen...gosh, I've missed her!). I've loved her since she first appeared as Jackie Templeton on GH (my fave of her roles would have to be Jules in "St. Elmo's Fire", though).

...there's also a nice cameo by Jaclyn Smith as Kelly Garrett (she's quite well lit, but I think she's still really gorgeous!).
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